Thermodynamic Protein Biodesign
Stablebody Technologies, LLC Has Created An Elegantly Simple, Yet Incredibly Powerful Method To Solve The Problem Of Incremental Utility Expenses With Cold-Chain Handling.
Introducing The Future Of Protein Engineering


AffiBio-UIA™ utilizes a set of unique and proprietary algorithms that are derived from a computer-assisted libraries of amino acid combinations and substitutions. These combinations and substitutions are rearranged systematically, for structurally and functionally improved antibody proteins, that are Cold-Chain Free™.
Cold-Chain logistics is essential to ensure the efficacy and safety of protein products.  This requires specialized and expensive refrigeration equipment, temperature monitoring devices and proper handling procedures. The cost of Cold-Chain logistics can be up to 20% of the total cost of the product, which is significant.

“No longer will an antibody fail to reach its full therapeutic and diagnostic potential, due to physical instability or function.” 

Dr. Fred Stevens  – Co-Founder

Challenges of Antibody Biodesign

Laboratory discovery and development of optimal functioning antibody proteins is a very long, arduous, and an expensive ordeal because.....
Antibody proteins are fragile in ambient conditions
Temperature, chemical, and enzyme degradation at ambient conditions reduced performance over time requiring expensive cold-storage
Antibody protein function is nearly impossible to predict
With lot-to-lot variability in manufacturing causing inconsistent reproducibility issues

AffiBio-UIA™ Algorithms

The Solution to Protein Biodesign Challenges

FACT: Proteins, specifically antibody proteins, have to be refrigerated to maintain their efficacy whether for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

Currently, there is no known protein amino acid sequence alignment user interface tool known that is available for every-day scientists to solve thermal stability problems leading to improved affinity performance of antibody proteins.

StableBody Technologies, LLC is offering its rational protein design technology as a User Interface Application for scientists everywhere working with amino acid sequence alignment data in protein design and engineering from their lab bench base with built-in automation components for design work.

Our Core Rational Protein Design Method:

The Universal Rational Biodesign of Antibody Proteins Using Proprietary Thermodynamic Stabilization Algorithms.
Stablebody Technologies, LLC has developed an elegantly simple, rapid, and cost-effective method to design, engineer, and produce large numbers of structurally and functionally improved proteins. This is not a high throughput screening approach but a rational, focused, and computational approach producing calculable, rapid and robust improvements.

Benefits of Thermodynamic Stabilization:

Proprietary bioinformatic algorithms

Technology Needs

“Cold-Chain” is often the recommended temperature-controlled supply chain, from the point of manufacture to the end-user. Freezers, coolers, warehouse and working room HVAC systems, transportation vehicles, and incremental utility expenses are examples of the cold-chain handling system necessary to assure a product’s efficacy. When any part of the cold-chain continuum lapses, products must be destroyed since performance is risked.

The Biopharma industry using temperature-sensitive drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, and blood products, is enjoying strong growth in product development and expanding market sales. Yet, the industry is confronted with rising cost pressures from payers worldwide. It costs more to keep products at refrigerated or at frozen temperatures than it does to keep them at uncontrolled ambient (room temperature) conditions. There is more to pack and transport them cold, and more to be able to demonstrate by process qualification or by measurement of each shipment that the products stay cold.

Proteins are governed by laws of thermodynamic principles. Using these principles to predict protein structure/function has been neglected in the past because of the vast complexity of thermodynamic properties. These properties have near-infinite conformational possibilities in proteins.

StableBody Technologies, LLC has the SBT Rational Protein Design Method, AffiBio-UIA™, that utilizes a set of unique and proprietary algorithms derived from a computer-assisted libraries of amino acid combinations and substitutions. When these combinations and substitutions are rearranged systematically, AffiBio-UIA™ generates amino acid sequences for structurally and functionally improved antibody proteins, that are Cold-Chain Free™.